Теми наукових досліджень литовських студентів кафедри соціальної роботи та педагогіки Інституту соціальних технологій Університету «Україна»

  1. The possibilities of the provision of social services for people with disabilities: the experience of retirement homes.
  2. Stress of social workers working in an institution and its coping strategies.
  3. Visiting care employee’s stress and coping strategies.
  4. Practical activity of a social workers in the process of the integration of people with disabilities into the labour market.
  5. People with mental disabilities: employment issues and solutions.
  6. The development of a sense of coherence for social workers providing services for people with mental and behavioral disorders: cases of Lithuania and Ukraine.
  7. Involvement of people with disabilities in the process of providing sociocultural services.
  8. Expression of independence of persons with mental disorders in the care institution: aspects of social work.
  9. Occupation therapy for people with mental disabilities in social care institution as a precondition for social participation.
  10. Dignity retention capacities providing palliative care for elderly persons.
  11. The specialists’ view to the social empowerment for individuals with disability in developing their independence skills.
  12. Social worker’s activities in providing assistance to individuals with disabilities in the center of employment: the aspect of human rights.
  13. Social work with children without parental care and with behavioral, emotional disabilities: context of deinstitutionalization.
  14. Social services in the situations of disability in risk families: analysis of the cases of Lithuania and Ukraine.
  15. Stress coping strategies for disabled individuals.
  16. Social workers’ stress and coping strategies working outside institutions.
  17. The features of stress coping strategies for adolescents and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders.